Day 2 – Islamorada To Long Key

Second day of the walk: a beautiful morning and a beautiful day ahead…


Passing the midway cafe, sadly it is nowhere near ‘midway’ to Key West…

IMG_4300 Bridges, bridges, and more bridges!


Beautiful vistas and sore feet.



Lunch stop at Crazy Billies, tending to my poor feetsies!

IMG_4315This gem – just in case you forgot how to use a lavatory..

IMG_4330Bridges and more bridges


IMG_4352 IMG_4355

Finally, I arrived at Edgewater Lodge after 19 long miles, to be greeted by a Halloween skeleton…

IMG_4366 IMG_4361

Had to take a quick selfie with my new boyfriend followed by a quiet and wonderful evening, topped off with an amazing sunset.

Edgewater Lodge Sunset

No proper food at the end of the day, but the view certainly made up for it.

Another day conquered…

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