Day 3 – Long Key To Marathon

A shorter day with ‘only’ 15 miles…still felt like a tough day of walking.

Good Bye Edgewater LodgeGood Bye Edgewater Lodge

The first challenge of the day was the Long Key Viaduct. It’s a pretty long bridge and I felt incredibly lucky
to have the luxury of the pedestrian bridge (the older bridge) beside the bridge for motorized traffic.

Long Key Viaduct
Looks Long? It Is!

I met a very friendly man on the bridge who was fishing for his dinner. We chatted for a while before I had to press on to get some mileage behind me…

Fish on Long Key Viaduct  Long Key ViaductThrow-Em Back


Marathon Sign
Always Encouraging To See A Sign Of Your Destination

Prisoners WorkingComforting…

Some impressions of Marathon. I loved the fact that so many houses were on canals and had boats docked right on the property. Lots of ‘bait and tackle’ and nautical themed properties. Paradise? I think so!

Marathon Marathon

Me in MarathonJust Me  

This was the first afternoon/evening on the walk, I actually felt like relaxing because I got to my overnight stay relatively early (around 3pm). It felt like pure luxury to just lounge around for an hour and rest those sore limbs, before showering and finding something to eat.

Marathon Pool Afternoon


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