Day 4 – Marathon To Big Pine Key

This day was one of the toughest, if not THE toughest of the whole walk. 20 miles with backpack and in sun the whole way, hardly any shade to be found. It also included the 7-Mile-Bridge which I approached with some trepidation.


I need not have. The 7-Mile-Bridge turned out one of the most amazing stretches of the whole walk, suspended over the ocean with a cool breeze and watching the wildlife from above. The traffic was not nearly as scary as I had imagined, despite only having a very narrow strip to walk on…

7 Mile Bridge
Beginning To Walk The 7-Mile-Bridge

Pigeon Key And Old 7 Mile Bridge  Me On Top Of BridgeMe On 7-Mile-Bridge

I passed Pigeon Key and the Old 7 Mile Bridge on my right.

My ShadowMy Shadow – A Trusty Friend

Veterans Park
The End Of The 7-Mile-Bridge – Arrival At Veterans Park

After conquering the 7-Mile-Bridge, I stopped for a quick lunch break at Veterans Park on the other side. It was a quick stop as I still had many miles to walk to Big Pine Key.

IMG_45342nd Wife

Cold Drink The First Cold Drink In A Long While

New Bahia Honda Bridge
Bahia Honda Bridge

Soon, I reached Bahia Honda Bridge, I remember starting to feel very worn. I met a very nice stranger, who became a friend for half a mile or so!

Bahia Honda StrangerMike From Kentucky

PumpkinsRest Stop At The Pumpkin Patch

I had to take another break on my way into Big Pine Key, at a church and a pumpkin patch. My feet were killing me yet I was so close!

IMG_4582 IMG_4578 Drive-Through Liquor Store

My day ended very sore but with a nice ‘order in’ meal and a little drink from the
liquor store! And, of course, a very early night!


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