Day 6 – Sugarloaf Key To Key West Mile 0

The last day of walking!

Sugarloaf Key IMG_4740

Leaving Sugarloaf Key, it felt wonderful to have these dedicated pedestrian paths and bridges
for some of the way.

IMG_4747“Only” 14 Miles

Last Bridge Before Key West

This day was the toughest of the whole week. My feet had really taken a beating and it didn’t matter how much I bandaged them, the pain was nearly unbearable. This is where the idea of the ‘socks in sandals’ sprouted. Not pretty, but it did help a little!

Feet on Keys WalkSocks in Sandals


IMG_4790 So close, Mile 1 Key WestMile1

I was so incredibly happy to see Mile 1 – only one more to go. The last few miles had been sheer agony but I was almost there. It was lovely to see the historic houses and cottages too!

Passing The Lighthouse

And finally there it was: Mile Marker 0! Until that day, I had not really known what exhaustion, pain and relief really felt like.

Mile Marker 0

I did not even have time or thoughts to take the plastic bag (last band-aid purchases) out of my hands for the picture!

So the week ended in Key West. I had made it despite really pushing myself a little too far and all the aches and pains. A great and humbling moment!

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