About Me

Welcome to ‘Walking The Keys To Happiness’ – My book about walking the beautiful Florida Keys solo in October 2013

12792241_10207222611376321_7037247903933175100_oJust finished my book! (March 2016)

A Little About Me

My name is Tamara, and I am an archaeologist/historian with a passion for nature and wildlife. I am also a social media enthusiast, freelance writer, blogger, hobby photographer, avid collector of useless (and useful) information and a language enthusiast and translator (German/English). Finally, I am probably Florida’s number one fan and the Keys have a special place in my heart.  Can’t you tell?

My Background

I am University educated to Masters degree level (BA in History from Aberystwyth University, MA in Archaeology from Cardiff University, UK ).

Always a taste for adventure, I left my home in Germany at only 19 years of age to study and subsequently work in the UK, where I was employed for many years as an archaeologist. Later, I was curator of the Guernsey Folk Museum for a few years and since then have worked in numerous positions, mostly based on my bilingual abilities (German and English). I also have some experience in helping small businesses with social media marketing and website building.

However, my heart is definitely in the w’s. That would be writing and walking! I have been publishing guest blog articles on various websites and Florida-specific blogs (Friends of Myakka, Florida Hikes, Authentic Florida, Fort Lauderdale Online Magazine to name just a few) and also run my own blog here.

I have always been lucky to have been able to incorporate some aspect of writing and research into most positions I have held over the years.

My book ‘Walking The Keys To Happiness’ combined my love of writing with my love of walking, both of which I have experienced as healing and grounding activities from a very young age. Some of my earliest memories are those of my grandmother taking me for walks through fields and woods, and the joy I felt being immersed in nature even back then. I also started journalling in my teens, a habit I have carried with me through adulthood.

During my solo walk of the Keys, I felt the need to jot down my experiences every evening and this is how the idea for the book started. Moreover, I also wanted to provide a little motivation for others, especially those who have always wanted to do something similar but find themselves restricted by family or work obligations, or even simply fear:

When you start to put one foot in front of the other, anything is possible my friends!

With best wishes,