Day 6 – Sugarloaf Key To Key West

The last walking day! I was not quite sure whether to be happy or sad that my little adventure was coming to an end…


Sugarloaf KeyVistas Of The Last Day

The motto of the day was to be: P A I N

Feet on Keys WalkSocks In Sandals – My Painful Feet

I was in a lot of pain on this day, my feet were full of blisters and bore testament to the fact
that my schedule left little time for rest and recuperation. Yes, my body would have benefitted from the daily mileage  being adjusted downwards. Hindsight is 20:20…

IMG_4747Smiling At Mile 14

Almost There – Another Bridge


IMG_4785Finally In Key West

I almost gave up at Mile Marker 3, suffering from extremely painful feet and legs. I stopped for a rest and a cold drink and had a good cry, then got up and walked (limped) the slowest 3 miles I had ever walked in my entire life…

So close, Mile 1 Key West
So Close – Every Step Was Agony Now

I still remember the pain now, and I still don’t know how I made it to the end, but I did!

Mile Marker 0

Finally, I made it – Mile Marker 0 – 105 miles from where I started in Key Largo!

Mile 0